Massage Therapist Cover Letter Examples

Best Massage Therapist Cover Letter Examples

Published: Friday 1st of September 2017; Words Count: 1900

While you may think of the cover letter as little more than an introduction to your resume, you’d be remiss not to give it the time and attention it deserves. Unless your cover letter is strong, a hiring manager may choose not to even read past it, so give yourself your best shot at success by drafting a clear, concise cover letter that commands a reader’s attention. Check out our massage therapist cover letter example and the accompanying list of do’s and don’ts for guidance.

  • Do rely on bullet points to demonstrate key skills in your cover letter. Doing so can help a reader cut through any fluff and focus on your key attributes and proficiencies.
  • Don’t focus so much on job duties of positions you once held, but rather the accomplishments you made while holding those positions.
  • Do include glowing testimonials where appropriate. If your old supervisor called you the best massage therapist he or she ever employed, say so.
  • Don’t introduce yourself at the beginning of the letter. Your name is on your resume, and it more than likely appears in your email, too.

Massage Therapist Advice

To become a massage therapist, it takes training, an ability to deal with customers, and a strong cover letter. The cover letter examples below can help you develop your own massage therapist cover letter faster. Use these cover letter examples as a starting point, then personalize them to meet your needs. With the right cover letter, you can move one step closer to having the exciting hands-on career you want.

Cover Letter Tips for Massage Therapist

Whether you are looking for jobs as a Massage Therapist, or somewhere else, the same principles apply to finding one. Taking heed to these following guidelines should help make your job hunt significantly easier.

1. Follow up on all job leads. Taking the initiative by calling any and all prospective employers will most likely impress the hiring manager, as well as make you stand out in a good way.

2. Make sure to utilize all resources available to you. This means using job banks, job fairs, and job search engines online. The more resources you use, the more likely you will find a job.

3. Polish your interviewing skills. Practice with a friend or family member to brush up on how to interview well. A poor interview is often a deal-breaker for hiring managers, so make sure you’re prepared.

4. If you’re unsure of what career path to take, consider taking an assessment online. These assessments can gauge your skills, values, and interests, and help narrow down a list of careers that you would likely do well in.

5. Make sure your cover letter is polished and ready to go. A cover letter is key to landing that first job interview, so you want to make sure it will impress.

Massage Therapist Job Seeking Tips

One of the crucial components to landing one of the jobs as a Massage Therapist, or any place in the United States, is having a stellar cover letter. Following these tips should help improve your cover letter.

1. Do use bullet points when listing your skills or achievements. This makes your cover letter more reader-friendly, and allows for the hiring manager to garner more information in less time.

2. Do list your information in order of importance. You want your prospective employer to see the most relevant information first.

3. Do make a point to list your achievements from former jobs. Everyone has duties on the job, so that’s not necessarily impressive. Instead, show how you made the most of your responsibilities by your accomplishments.

4. Don’t list irrelevant information. Keep to information that is applicable to the job at hand.

5. Don’t lie on your cover letter, ever.

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