Personal Care Assistant Cover Letter Examples

Best Personal Care Assistant Cover Letter Examples

Published: Tuesday 6th of June 2017; Words Count: 1850

A great cover letter is an essential part of getting your resume read by a hiring manager. To craft a professional, unique cover letter, check out these tips and the accompanying personal care assistant cover letter example.

  • Do not highlight what you expect to gain by working for a company. A hiring manager is trying to find an employee who brings something important to the table, so focus on that instead.
  • Do tell a story about your background in your cover letter. If some pivotal moment in your life led you to become a personal care assistant, mention that along with your relevant skills.
  • Do not send a lengthy tome. Long cover letters often are not read, so stick to around 250 words instead.
  • Do be open to non-standard formats. When every cover letter looks the same, potential employees start blending together. With a tweak to the standard format, your cover letter will stand out.
  • Do not use a generic greeting, especially if the hiring manager’s name is readily available.

Personal Care Assistant Advice

As a personal care assistant, you’ll be attending the needs of those who are ill, elderly, or need assistance with everyday living. We’ve created the cover letter examples that follow specifically for people looking for personal care assistant positions.With the cover letter examples below as a starting point, creating your own well-received cover letter will be a faster and easier process. Take the next step–click on any of the cover letter examples below to start now.

Cover Letter Tips for Personal Care Assistant

To find jobs as a Personal Care Assistant, you need the perfect mixture of job-hunting skills and mindset. Follow these tips to find success in your job search journey.

1. Avoid negative thinking. This will be a rough and daunting journey, and it may be tempting to give up. However, if you avoid negative thinking and stay positive, you will be able to persevere which will help you secure a position.

2. Look for different information. Everyone looking for positions can access the same information online. If you begin looking outside of the computer by listening to friends and communicating with individuals, you can find a lesser-known opportunity that might be just the right fit for you.

3. Take Control. While you want to network and communicate with friends and family, you do not want to rely to heavily on them or allow them to take over your search. Ultimately, you need to maintain control of your search and drive action and communication.

4. Stay persistent. Often, we don’t want to seem too desperate or assume that a potential employer will get back to us if they are interested. However, directly communicating with hiring managers to follow up on opportunities can help set you apart and make your cover letter and application more noticeable.

5. Perfect your cover letter. The cover letter is usually the first step to getting an interview, and you want to make sure that it is up to date and accurate.

Personal Care Assistant Job Seeking Tips

Your cover letter can either help or hinder your search for jobs as a Personal Care Assistant. Follow these do’s or don’ts to make sure that your cover letter is ready to help you succeed.

1. Do highlight relevant personality traits in the summary section. You want to show a little bit of who you are as an individual and what you can add to the company.

2. Don’t include hobbies. You want to stay focused on traits and skills that are specific to the position don’t include outside hobbies like surfing or mountain climbing.

3. Do include sports if you are a new graduate. The only time a hobby might help is if you have recently graduated and played a sport. Many potential employers find the skills relevant.

4. Do include any higher education, specific training or college courses that you have completed. Even if you haven’t graduated from a university or completed a program, you want to show what you have completed that is useful to the position.

5. Do not include high school information. If you have completed any amount of higher education, it is assumed you have completed high school. Only include this if you have no other education.

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