Professional Security Officer Cover Letter Examples

Best Professional Security Officer Cover Letter Examples

Published: Monday 14th of August 2017; Words Count: 1150

Cover letters are an integral part of the application process. Often, they are the first source of information a potential employer has about an applicant. A cover letter should make the hiring person want to know more about you. Many people find writing these letters intimidating, but with our professional security officer cover letter example as a guide, along with the following do’s and don’ts, there is nothing to fear about the process.

  • Do include the name of the company and the title of the position you’re applying for in the first sentence.
  • Don’t give your name in the body of the letter. It’s in the address information or header, so there is no need to repeat it.
  • Do include an experience section, not a job history. An experience section lets you list skills gained as a volunteer or intern that may contribute to your effectiveness as a security officer.
  • Don’t write a professional summary. That information is on your resume or CV. Instead, highlight skills and experiences specific to the position you’re applying for.
  • Do tell them what you will bring to the job using specific examples based on the requirements listed in the security job posting.

Professional Security Officer Advice

Applying for a job as a security officer? You’ll need the right background, experience, and training–and a high-quality cover letter. With the cover letter examples below, you’ll be able to create your security officer cover letter quickly and easily. Choose from a range of templates and designs. Click on any of the cover letter examples below, and take the next step toward an exciting and rewarding career in law enforcement.

Cover Letter Tips for Professional Security Officer

Whether you are looking for a job as a Professional Security Officer or in another industry, you should have a plan of action to make the search easier for you. Consider the following tips.

1. Know how to properly use social networking. Be sure to follow and interact with people in your industry on Facebook and Twitter, and if you haven’t already done so, create a LinkedIn profile.

2. Expand your horizons. Your skills are probably a suitable match for more than one industry, so consider whether there are other jobs or industries you could work in.

3. Update your cover letter. An outdated cover letter won’t showcase your best professional assets, making it more likely to be passed over in favor of another applicant.

4. Attend job fairs. You could choose to go to an industry-specific fair or to one with a broader range of represented companies. Don’t forget to take a business card.

5. Further your education. If you have the opportunity to do so, take a few classes to update your certifications and knowledgebase in your industry.

Professional Security Officer Job Seeking Tips

To ensure you have access to the best jobs as a Professional Security Officer, CA, you need to have the most professional cover letter possible. Use these tips to help you write a better cover letter.

1. Do consider the length. Aim for at least one page, but no more than two. If you don’t include enough information, it will appear as if you don’t care. If you include too much, it will be hard to pick out the most important pieces. The exception is if you use a CV for your industry, in which case more than two pages is acceptable.

2. Don’t lie, even a little. If you get a job under false pretenses and the human resources department uncovers the truth, you will likely be fired and might even face legal action in some industries.

3. Do create a section for experience, not for employment history. The broader topic will allow you to list unpaid work such as important internships or volunteer positions.

4. Don’t write a job description. To avoid doing so, omit phrases such as “responsible for. . . ” or “responsibilities include. . . ” and instead use action words such as “maintained” or “created. “

5. Do write a solid summary. It will be the first thing a hiring manager sees. A good one will outline your best experience and most important skills.

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