A Biography of Thomas Aquinas

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Thomas Aquinas Life and Works Thomas Aquinas, born in 1225 in Roccasecca Italy, began his studies as early as age five. His parents enrolled him in a monastery where he would receive education in grammar, rhetoric, and logic.(McInerny, 2) His instruction was complemented with a r orous studying of the Bible. Several years later Aquinas transferred to Naples where he pursued his thirst for knowledge with the works of Aristotle.(McInerny, 2) At the university Aquinas entered a program of scripture study and oration, which genera y required 10-15 years before one was granted mastery in the field. After completing a thesis on the Sentences, written by Lombard in the 12th Century, he was granted the seal of approval from the university and allowed to give his inaugural lecture wh h is a feat of great accomplishment.(McInerny, 3) From this point Thomas Aquinas no longer spent his days as a student at the university but he did not stop studying Catholic history. When Aquinas had finished his stint in Naples he went to Rome in 126 During the next 6-7 years he studied the works of Aristotle. He wrote many commentaries, including On the Soul(McInerny, 3) At this point Thomas Aquinas begins his works on the Catholic doctrine which gave him much fame and accreditation.(McInerny, Although Aquinas was also well known for his philosophical works and studies, his works on Catholic dogma are ever-present in all his works.(McInerny, 2) At the time of his death in 1274 he was under a cloud in Paris and in 1227 propositions were con mned by a commission appointed by the Bishop of Paris, among them tenets of Thomas (Aquinas). This was soon lifted, he was canonized and eventually was given the title of Common Doctor of the Church. But the subtle and delicate assimilation of Aristot that characterized his work in both philosophy and theology did not survive his death, outside the Dominican Order,...

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