A History of Jewelry

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Jewellery PERIOD 28,000 B.C The first jewellery was worn by the first early homosapiens around 30,000 years ago these were just simple shells and bone shapes joined by simple string made from leaf fibres. Nethaderals did not own such material goods until they started to trade with man around 25,000 years ago. They were the first to create lavish complicated jewellery the used gold veined rocks and lumps of metal ore to produce necklaces and rings. Also later on around 20,000 years ago the first town pooped up across the world each with it own religion so this created a vast range of jewellery to trade. Jewellery PERIOD 3000 B.C An Egyptian archaeologist has revealed that the ancient Egyptians who lived in the southern parts of the country and the Red Sea area were the first to extract and use gold for making jewellery. Hundreds of mines had been discovered since the pre-dynasties age in the valley and the Red Sea area stretching to Halayeb and Shalatin. They had also reached an advanced stage of mining especially in the eastern desert. However, the peak of mining was during the New Kingdom and during the rule of King Siti I. According to Researcher Ali Barakat of the Geological Survey Authority, the ancient Egyptians were the first to map a geological chart of these mines. They worked out techniques that helped in the process of sedimentation. Gold is found in these areas in sediments in the form of granules in quartz veins. Field studies in an area as the Valley of Daghbeg denoted the methods they designed to extract gold by grinding the material and then concentrating it as well as the tools...

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