A History of Scotland

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World History Scotland Essay For my world history essay the country I have chosen is Scotland. Scotland is located in Western Europe in the Northern Hemisphere. It is located just above England, and in fact they share a border. There are several religions in Scotland. Some of them include religions such as Christianity, Catholic, Jewish, and a couple more. Christianity is one of the main ones. Indeed, Protestantism in Scotland began with John Knox who started the Presbyterian movement there during the Sixteenth century. The weather in Scotland is strange all around. It has been very cold and extremely hot. The coldest day in Scotland was on February 11th at Bremar. The temperature was negative 17.0 Fahrenheit. The hottest day in Scotland was on July 2nd 1908 at Dumfries. The temperature was 91.0 Fahrenheit. It has also rained a lot in Scotland. The wettest day ever recorded in Scotland was on January 17, 1974 when 238mm (9.4 inches) fell at Sloy Dam, Loch Lomond. It may seem like Scotland is one of the wettest places on earth, but the wettest place is in fact in Hawaii of the USA. As you can tell Scotland's weather is very random and strange. Scotland is a great tourist attraction. It has many great castles like the Cawdor castle and the Gylen. Its also has golf. Scotland is where Golf originated. Some of the other tours includes a cycling tour, Luxury Limousines, water rafting, Garden tours, Celtic trails, The famous Loch Ness monster down in Loch Ness lake and many more. Scotland has quite a few sports that the play there. Some of them you probably never even heard of. A few may seem odd, but that because they have ancient origins and a lot of them are mostly played in festivals and competitions. Some of the sports are the Caber toss, which is when they carry a huge log and try to run as...

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