A History of the American Civil War

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Could you imagine America today without the Civil War? The differences in the American North and South politically and economically helped shape America for war. It lasted four long years and become the most deathly war for America to date. The Civil War was a result of the North and the South becoming increasingly different and hostile as the 1860s progressed. The civil war would change the relations between the North and South forever. The Civil War would be the most deathly conflict within America while at the same time unifying America into one nation. The pre-war buildup in the civil war era was filled with rising tension between the north and south over many topics. Some topics stood out such as states rights. The Souths views differed from the north by wanting individual states rights, as opposed to the North wanting a unified federal government. Many say that the topic of Slavery is what added much of the tension in the war buildup. Slavery was viewed as a civilized and essential practice economically in the south, but many found it immoral in the north. The invention of the Cotton Gin provided massive expansion of cotton plantations in the south that would be run by slave labor. Cotton would become the main crop in the Souths agriculturally run economy, but other crops such as tobacco would require slave labor. With the plantations growing, the demand for slaves also grew (Corrick 2). As the people were moving westward in America to fulfill Manifest Destiny, slavery would have to be implied, or not implied in the west with the new upcoming states. With the new state of Missouri, a compromise was made, called the Missouri compromise. This act made Missouri a slave holding state, while separating the state of Massachusetts into two sections creating the state of Maine in the north. This balanced the number of free, and slave states for state representation in congress. This...

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