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My school combined pro-abstinence lessons with information about contraception and safe sex. It often emphasized abstinence from sexual activity as the only safe and moral choice for teenagers. Teachers and different community speakers taught us that abstinence was the preferable option for teenagers, but they offered information on other birth control options and disease transmission. I was taught two different types of sex education. The first was in my elementary school class, and the second was in my high school. While in my elementary school class, we were taught more so about the female and male sex organs and how they work. I also learned about sex from a number of other sources. These include parents, friends, teachers, neighboring community based organizations, television, music, books, advertisement, toys, and the internet. My school-based sexual education was very different from the education that I received at home. My school-based sexual education complemented and augmented the sexual education that I received from my family, community, groups, and health care professionals. The primary goal of my school-based education was to help us build a foundation as we matured into sexually healthy adults. All of the sex-ed programs that I came in contact with respected both the diversity of values and beliefs represented in my community. I always found the sexual education classes to be very helpful, though I cant really speak for the other students in my class. Sexual education was first introduced to me in the fourth grade. We were given booklets that described the male and female anatomy. The boys and girls were separated and placed into different classrooms. The boys had male teachers, and girls had female teachers. My elementary school sex program talked a lot about puberty and the types of feelings we might experience while going through puberty. It basically assured us that the experiences we were feeling were natural and that we had nothing to be ashamed of or feel embarrassed about. Though...

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