A Paper on the History of WNBA

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We all know about the WNBA and all its basketball superstars, but do we really know how it all started. You may not believe it, but the formation of WNBA started more than a century ago. It all began in the year 1892, when gymnastics instructor, Senda Berebson Abbott, adapted James Naismiths basketball rules for woman and then introduced the game to her students at Smith College. Three more years later, yet another educator introduces the great game of basketball. This time to Sophie Newcomb College in New Orleans. That same year, Baer published Basquette, the first set of basketball rules of women. At that point womens basketball had become an recognized sport. April 4, 1896, the first womens intercollegiate basketball game took place at Armory Hall. Stanford won the very low scoring game, 2-1 over California University. Between 1896 and 1918, the game had changed. Now instead of twenty minute halves, they were now fifteen and now instead of only 5 players per team, the amount was raised to 6-9 players. Also in 1918, it had became official that a basket with an open bottom was to be used instead of a closed basket with a pull chain. The rules changed a great deal since the first intercollegiate game in 1896, now the game was being called by 11 officials! Imagine that instead of todays standard of 2. More than five years later, the International Womans Sports Federation (IWSF) was formed. That month, the IWSF hosted its own version of the Olympics, which of coarse included womens basketball. In 1953, the USA womens basketball team wins the gold medal in the World Championships. In 1971, the five-player, full court game is adopted and the 30 second shot clock is introduced. This changed the world of womens basketball forever. Half a decade later, womans basketball first participated in the Montreal Olympics and at the young age of...

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