A Paper on the Mystery of Dreams

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The Mysteries of Dreams Once an individual is born, every night a dream is a way to escape from daily life. People often try to interpret their dreams so that they can learn from what their dream means. Others just figure that their dream has nothing to do with their day to day life, and that the mind was going into a different dimension. But they are wrong! Every dream has something to do with the person who dreamt the dream. Some dreams might be a piece of cake to analyze while others might have to dig deep down in order to figure it out. Nobody knows when the first dream interpretation took place. The earliest recorded interpretation was in the bible, when Joseph analysed the dreams of two people, a cupbearer and a baker ("The History of Dreams"). This first analysis paved a pathway for the following philosophers. The second recording of a dream was by Aristotle, a Greek philosopher. He stated that "dreams are formed by disturbances of the body" ("The History of Dreams"). This means that dreams are a result of something that took place in the day. That a person thinks of before heshe goes to bed. ("Dreams and Daytime fears"). The next well-known philosopher was Sigmund Freud. He thought the analyzing of dreams was a very useful and powerful tool in uncovering thoughts and desires ("The History of Dreams"). It is thought that many people overcome stressful situations in their dreams ("Dreams and Daytime Fears"). So if a person was afraid of snakes, in hisher dreams heshe can imagine touching a snake. Then when heshe wakes up, heshe would not be as afraid anymore. So people can conquer a fears in their sleep that they might not have been able to do when they were awake. All the philosophers that started the dream interpretation period helped shape the way for people to figure out what their dreams meant and...

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