An Analysis of Personal Strengths

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My strengths are Individualization, Communication, Includer, Woo, and Restorative. I am an individualization because I am the type of person who really examines and sees who goes were and what to do. My first strength is Individualization. This means I am the type of person who can figure out what another person who is different can do in a group. I examine things before I do then so I can always figure things out before I get them done. I always give my perspectives on things. Doing things are easier to me then planning then out every day is different and you dont know what can accrue during the time being. Everyone asks me to do the brainstorming because when I think of something I am the one who just shouts out the ideas and people can build off of what I said. I am very interested in learning peoples different backgrounds, talents, and experiences. My second strength is Communication. This strength is for people who like to express themselves its very easy for them. I look and look to know about different things about people. I am the type of person who doesnt really like to do presentations but I do like to talk to people and get to know them. My personality is amazing I always get from people. When I am having a conversation with someone I like when they ask me questions. I love answering creative different questions. I do work better in groups but not really big groups. I love everyones company I start talking to old friends like they never left, new acquaintances like I knew them forever, and even random people that want to talk. My third strength is Includer. I feel that this strength is all me. I am always the person who makes everyone feel welcomed at home...

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