An Arguement on Existence of God

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Some people feel that God exists because he just does. He designed us to be in his image, and the question we should be asking is why did he create us? However I believe in a different theory. Everybody needs a purpose in life. Religion and belief in God can help fulfil the purpose. You do not lose much if you truly believe in God, and your rewards if he exists will be great. People can put a negative spin on this theory. Could God just be a fantasy to try and lull his believers into a false sense of security? If God didn't exist, then it wouldn't matter. If people are pleased by the thought of his existence then it would be all right to for God to be imaginary. Some people try and disprove God's existence using the problem of evil. The two kinds of evil are human and natural. We control human evil, like genocide, but we have no control over natural evil, such as destructive earthquakes. They declare that God cannot exist because he doesn't try and save the neediest, like the people in war zones or areas affected by natural disasters. They say that he has created an imperfect world. This is untrue. God created a perfect paradise, and it was Adam and Eve's fault that evil was introduced into the world. Theists say that God lets some people pass into a better place, namely heaven. I believe in the existence of God, or at least supernatural being, and although I cannot prove it, I still like to have faith in the fact that there is an uncaused cause, a manwoman who created the universe and all its contents. I think that evil must exist in the world for there to be a balance. Having bad days will make you appreciate the good days, and so I think that God does know about evil, and not taking it away doesn't...

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