An Argument for Vegetarianism

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Is being a vegetarian really that great? A popular dietary trend option is vegetarianism, which has a long history in many cultures. The sole purpose of writing on these two articles was to understand the persuasive that both article layout. In the article (The Food Issue Against Meat) by Jonathan Safran Footer, he gives us example why he turned to vegetarianism. However, the web article Vegetarianism is very factual. (Thesis) After examine both works from a historical, religious and health benefits standpoint of a meat free diet and encourage vegetarian as a life style.According to author Jonathan Safran Footer, who presents on both sides of the issue states his own view points in his article about when he was growing up his Grandmother survived World War II off of rotting potatoes, few piece of meat, skins and the bites that clung to bones and pits. The author (Safran Foote page1) also talks about a time he remember when they were at a hotel buffets eating breakfast that his Grandmother made, while the rest was hoarding food. It was then his grandmother taught him that tea bad makes man cups of tea as youre serving and every part of the apple is edible. However, the author grandmother always stay vigilant guard, like a prisoner watching over her kitchen.. The sustenance she got from food makes war idea to eat. Another thing the author talks about, was when he where they were a kids, they thought their grandmother was the best chef who ever lived whose probably have more than one recipe (chicken with Carrots), and involved more than two ingredients. Also, the author grandmother would also talk about the two types of meat on the chicken and explain why. She told them dark meat is more healthful then light food, or that the bulk of the nutrient are found in the peel or crust. ...

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