An Essay on Gender Politics

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The Politics of Muscle Which sex is stronger? What does strength suggest in the American culture? Today, there are two schools of thought. They are alike in many ways, yet strikingly different in their views. Would an increase in the physical strength of women have a greater impact than the occasional role model in business or government? In the era of gender politics, men and women play traditional roles. Historically, the male has been the breadwinner, and the female has been in charge of raising the family. This patriarchal view of women is still very true is some areas. From the third world to the United States, our fundamentals are based on the weakness of women. In societies without food, plump is better than thin. Here in America, we have adopted the size zero mentality where trim is better despite the emotional and physical costs. The true battle here lies in muscles and strength vs. helplessness and weakness. Would being stronger make women more powerful? Even more intriguing is, if women were stronger, would men get weaker? Thoughts like this disturb men like me, and this is why we suppress women. FALSE! In fact, women are seen as equals to men, and this is reflected in many areas. Women are entitled to the same rights as men. They can vote, own property, and serve in the military. When is comes to women?s rights America is the most forward thinking country. Women do not move to Afghanistan to have more social freedoms. Women are just as capable as men to work out and gain physical strength, but they are easily influenced by the shallow marketing endeavors of major corporations, who portray being strong as being a form of lesbianism or another inadequacy. What does strength have to do with accomplishments? Miss America is a very different pageant than Mr. Universe, yet both are held in high esteem by the status-quo. Often, the weakest...

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