An Observation Record on the Elements of Teaching

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So you want to be come a teacher. You have probably had this desire for a long time, If someone shold ask you why, are you perpared to answer? Many reason are offered, the most frequent being "I would like working with children", or " i get along well with the children." If that's your reason, it's a very good start...but what is important for you to realize it that it is only a start. Teaching is a complex science, and many might add, a fine art. with the aid of thisObervation Record, you will have an opportunity to explore some of the elements of teaching the school, The classroom, he teacher the children, he community. You will be ask to observe all these, but with purpose, certainly you've seen schools,lassroom, and children, but generally you have looked wuth the eyes of a student. Now we will ask to look at these elements with the eyes of a prospective teacher. As a result of this experience, you should gain some basic insights into the taskof teaching an become prepared for the more demanding task of develoing a concept of teachingand the Acquisition of teaching competencies. Introduction to the school Objective to become familiar with the school setting 1. Personnel 2. Organizational Patten 3. Special Programs services 4. facilities Activites a). Personnnel b). organizational patten c). Special programs services d). scheduling procedures e). Facilities f). Goals 2. Read 'The Function of the Teacher'- dewey. (index) 2 Introduction to the school Personnel- kindly list name for items a - j. a). Principal b). Assistant Principal c). Reading Teacher d). School Psychologist e). School Nurse f). Librarian ...

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