An Overview of Hypothermia

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HypothermiaIn this essay I am going to explain what hypothermia is. How can one be exposed to get hypothermia and who are the people who are most likely to get it when exposed to the cold. I am also going to discuss How to prevent hypothermia or death when caught in cold water. What the symptoms and consequences of it are and their treatments. How it can be used for medicinal purposes. Hypothermia is a condition in which body temperature falls drastically as a result of the exposure to the cold. The average temperature of the human body is 37 degrees Celsius. If the body temperature drops a few degrees above or below the person is at serious risk, if it drops below it is called hypothermia. It can occur rapidly, during cold water immersion with the temperature of the water at around 10 degrees Celsius and below. It depends on how long the person is immersed. Safety experts estimate that half of all drowning victims actually die from the fatal effects of cold water, or hypothermia, and not from water filled lungs. A person can be exposed to hypothermia when they are in cold weather and improperly dressed or submerged in cool water for a long period of time. There are even reported cases of elderly people dying of hypothermia in their homes do to the non-efficient heating system. Over 50 of hypothermia deaths in Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia are related to alcohol and drug intoxication.(Seluge,1) Hypothermia can also occur when a person has illnesses or health problems such as heart circulatory, or thyroid diseases diabetes, arthritis, and other conditions that prohibit mobility. Having these conditions can interfere with the body's ability to fight the cold. When a person is fatigue or in poor physical condition, or drinking alcohol, wearing inadequate clothing, or taking combinations of medications it may also lead to hypothermia in cool or cold weather. Drinking alcohol may lower the...

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