Ancient Mayans and Women in History

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How would you feel if you werent allowed to go outside, meet new people, get an education, and were not allowed to get a job? Probably not so great. For centuries women have been put through boundless amounts of oppression and sexism and I think its about time this comes to an end. Theres has been a lot of sexism in societies such as Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient Maya. Though over time many things have changed and the situation has gotten a little better, we still have a lot of work to do in terms of women being totally thought of equal to men throughout the minds of everyone. The women in ancient Greece didnt have much of a life outside of their houses walls, they believed they had to be protected from potential prey of rapist and seducers. The only way they could go outside is with permission is if it were some kind of occasion such as a funeral or festival, but in the house the woman most definitely took the lead! All the chores such as cleaning rooms, making dishes, and working in the fields. Of course, thats a lot of work for just one person, so what families would do was hire slaves. Both women and slaves werent allowed to be certified citizens because they were seen below the land owning men in society, and men legally owned the women when they were wed. It was seen as more of a Marriage was seen as an exchange and another opportunity for men to maintain the superior position. Marriage was seen as a practical business arrangement, not a love match (Demand, p.11) (History Women in Ancient Greece) Women and their daughters were also not allowed to watch the Olympic Games for the competitors (who were only male) wore no clothes. The only event they could attend was chariot racing if, they owned a horse that was competing. Though in...

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