Bi-lingual homes in America

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Did you know that 1 in every 5 people in The United States speak another language at home other than English? This is the time when I had to overcome my biggest fear was when I had to learn another language. This was very scary to me because learning to read and write in one language was hard enough. For me to know that I had the opportunity to learn another language and be bilingual was truly an amazing experience. Throughout this time I got to learn the good and the bad. From the start of middle school till the end of my college years my dream and my goals were to have the best grades that I was able to achieve, also I wanted to open my own business but I knew that the only way I could achieve this would be if I got good grades and if I got a good job. This is the story on how my grades dropped because of not knowing the English language very well. The year that my grades dropped the most was in 9th grade because everything had gotten a lot more serious. It hurt me to know that this was happening because I knew how important it was to have good grades and I constantly would be trying but it was very difficult. The most difficult part I had and still have is in grammar. I knew how to write in English pretty decent but it was very hard to stay on task in class. I am a very distracted person I can easily get distracted by the smallest things. Another thing that didnt help me throughout my school year was that the classes that I was taking werent bilingual with the language I spoke at home. A couple of ways that I overcame these problems that I had was that I started to go to my teachers for more help, and I started...

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