Children and Medication

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We in America tend to take medication for almost any problem we have to stomach pain, headache, more serious chronic disorders such as depression and attention deficit disorder. While many uses of the drugs may be necessary and legitimate, many are not, and due to this fact, many people became dependent on drugs, mentally, and physically. This problem is not simply the fault of individuals in fact, blamed can also be placed on community health, and pharmaceutical companies who manufacture the drugs.Nowadays, people depend too much on medicines. Whenever they feel not good inside their body such as headache, depression, anxiety, they use drugs as the only way can help them get over those symptoms. But they forgot that almost medicines usually content something that causes the side effects, especially on mental heath. Moreover, childrens body is not fully developed so they should not take too much medicine even they got sick. I know parents always love and care their children so much. When they see their children got sick, they do everything such as give them medicines for serious illness even they do not reach that seriousness. Example, my friend got headache and she could not sleep well. Her mom worried about that and do not know what to do to help her. Suddenly she thinks about some pills can make people fall in sleep easy. So she gave her daughter some sleeping pills. After two, three times having those pills, my friend felt fine and thought she could be back to normal sleep by having it. It is not like what she thought, she got dizzy, depressed, anxiety after taking it 4 times per day. Moreover, she got redness all over her body. Then she stopped taking those pills and found the way to help her can have a good sleep by taking yoga class. The pharmaceutical companies produce drugs to make money for their profit. That is the way to...

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