College Soccer Dreams

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It was a long and night before my first college soccer game. I was tossing and turning in bed attempting to find a comfortable position but unfortunately I failed miserably. As I laid on my back staring at the ceiling, I slowly dozed off and began dreaming about the soccer game I would play the next day. It was a beautiful sunny day with hardly a breath of wind and clear blue skies with little clouds far in the distance. I jumped out of the car excitedly and my knees nervously wobbled as I walked towards the pitch. Hurry up, Aziel, put on your top and warm up with the boys, the coach called. Quickly putting my top on, I started jogging around the pitch. I stared at the evenly cut grass which made the pitch look so inviting. Pass the ball! exclaimed my teammate snapping me out of my trance. I quickly stopped gawking and concentrated on warming up. I passed the ball and jogged along the edge of the pitch. Bring it in the coached called. As I walked towards the group I excited pondered whether I would be on the starting eleven or put on the bench. Look here boys, said the coach, Get out there, score some goals, enjoy yourself and have a great game. He then shouted, We are looking for a win! Is that right? Yes sir! we roared. The coach started reading the names of the starting eleven that were going to go on the field Ben, Josh, Tom, Ryan, Zach, Jack, Tanweer, Saba, Patrick, Isaac, and John. Sadly, I slowly trudged along and made my way to the bench. But as the game started all the enthusiasm came back as I cheered along with the supporting crowd of my team. At the end of the 1st half, my team was down 1-0. As the players wearily made their way off the pitch the coach pointed to...

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