Earths Survival After Humans

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Imagine waking up to see all of man-kinds greatest accomplishments rot until they perish. Then, watch as Earth suffers because man-kind left pollution and radiation on Earth. In The World Without Us, Alan Weisman spotlights humans continuous pollution on Earth after human extinction. Weisman effectively uses his credentials, audience, and subject to advance his rhetoric. Alan Weisman, a well respected and successful journalist received countless awards for journalism. Weismans first time discussing a post-apocalyptic world include Countdown Our Last Hope for a Future on Earth and award winning essay Earth Without People. His past writing enhances his credibility due to the fact he has past experience on writing about a post-apocalyptic Earth. Weisman warns his audience about their effect on Earth after extinction in The World Without Us. Weisman expresses his personality when referring to nobility as expensive, nonproductive, and parasitic, siphoning away too much of societys energy to satisfy its frivolous cravings (Weisman 224) and when he discusses the Panama Canal as wound humans inflicted on Earth (222).Weisman persona portrays an emotional environmentalist concerned that humans focus more on irrelevant distractions than Earth. Weismans subject, the effect of human creations on a deserted Earth, provides readers an image of Earth after humans. Weisman supports his argument that humans effect on Earth lasts long after their extinction when he writes, as plants, die, decay, and lay down more soil cover, industrial toxins will be buried deeper (Weisman 38). This supports Weismans argument that humans effect on Earth can reside in the planet well after extinction. Weisman uses facts to prove his opponents wrong and to further strengthen his rhetoric. He refutes...

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