Effects of Stress on Students

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All nighters, five hour energies, and numerous amounts of caffeine are all strategic moves that most students utilize to help them make it through their college years. The reason students use these strategies are because of an overwhelming stress they feel to do well while they are in college. Many people experience anxiety, but the majority of stress for young adults stems from being in college. Obviously it is never good to constantly worry about things, but for me, not stressing is easier said than done. Worrying all the time can lead to many problems ranging from headaches to something as serious as depression. Our minds and bodies can only endure so much, so using stress management techniques can be very beneficial. Organizing your time, seeking help, and maintaining healthy habits are just a few of the various techniques that can be used to combat high levels of stress. To begin, I went through school always striving for the best, but in my case it wasnt always a good thing. It led me to constantly worry about every assignment such as how I did or if I passed. My agenda would consist of nothing more than continuous studying, homework, and headaches. Since I had an all or nothing attitude I thought the only good grade was a perfect one. As a result, I had many long nights trying to cope with migraines from crying over failing grades. These situations lead me to recognize my need for schedule and organization. For instance, if I had an essay due the next day I would make sure that I stayed home to work on it. Or, if an assignment like a journal entry would be due in two weeks, I knew that it would be okay to dedicate some time towards my family and friends and work on it later. Techniques such as time organization allow people like me to not only plan out their time but...

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