Elephant Endangerment

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Elephants are known for living in expansive amounts of land to roam andwalk. They walk up to 40 miles and are active for 18 hours a day. Therefore,zoos are never capable to meet all the needs of such a large animal. I have come to the conclusion that elephants should not be in zoos. Scientifically speaking, elephants in zoos have remarkably shorter lifespans compared to their wild counterparts. Also, the people that take Elephants from their natural habitat, do so while knowing that the wild population of elephants is dwindling. Once taken from their naturalhabitat, elephants are no longer capable to having social companionships, something that is crucial in the lives of social creatures like humans and elephants. For instance, what if you grew up neverknowing your mother because you were captured and confined to a small box forviewers to observe you daily? Zoos tend to move Elephants from one zoo to the next without thought of howthe animals endure the movement being detached from a special bond orfriend-ship tends to lead to having psychological problems such as pacing andswaying just like how humans would when going into depression. Learning the story in January of 2007 about Lucy, an Elephant, was a bigreason why I don't like the issue of Elephants being held captive. In whichthey're there for the pleasure of the viewers and the profit it brings in. Lucywas in a miserable place, considering what she could have in the wild beinglocked up when the zoo was closed seems more like the zoo wants to pretend theylove the precious animals when there are visitors and love the profit beingaccumulated but when it comes to seeing behind the gated zoos,the elephants aretrapped in a small cemented barn. What happened to being equal? If they say all human races are equal soshould animals because some animals are on the same educational level ashumans.I believe that elephants should be...

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