Ethics and Alcohol Advertising

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In todays society, alcohol is an extremely important substance for both the manufacturers and its consumers. That being said, it is also a harmful drug that can lead to both physical and psychological dependence. Due to this, the media has a moral duty to restrict the advertisement of alcohol to individuals of a young age. Likewise, the media also has a moral duty to reduce the harm any alcohol advertisements could initiate. As a result, a variety of codes have been inforced by the Advertising Code of Ethics, the Advertising standars board and the Advertising claim Board. Hence, the alcohol industry has set its own set of codes, known as the Alcoholic Beverages Advertising Code. These codes have been adapted, in order to set a discipline (with the objective of prescribing and monitoring standards of advertising) with advertisements, and in order to prevent them from being unethical. Nevertheless, it can be overwhelmingly argued that many advertisements do not abide by these codes, and therefore there adverts are a violation, as they behave unethically. As a result, the goal of this report is to determine whether firms take an unethical approach in the manner that they advertise alcohol. Apart from the codes that have been established by the ASA , another component that can be used, in order to determine whether or not an advertisement has taken an unethical approach, is by analysing it with philosophical theories. Hence, in the study of ethics, there are two main philosophical school of thoughts. One of these is known as Deontology, whilst the other one is known as Utilitarianism. Deontology is the study that judges an individuals actions, based on a set of rules, whilst utilitarianism is the ethical theory that believes the best type of action is the one that maximises utility. Thus, in this essay I will be analysing a variety of alcohol advertisements, whilst taking both the philosophical theories, normative...

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