Genesis before and after Darwin

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Many people believe that Darwins theory of evolution has changed and shaped the foundation of many who have Christian faith, because of the ideal differences between the theory of evolution and the six-days of creation. For many individuals today who are very open-minded, modern science and Darwinism has lead them to believe that generations of Christian traditions are outdated and inconsistent by modern standards. What many fail to understand is that within the first chapter of Genesis alone, a sequence of the formation and evolution of the planet is explained from, the Big Bang, the evolution of the universe, and the general formation of the earth. Although the interpretation of the Genesis Account of Creation has changed significantly after Darwin's theory, evidence will show that the creation account is more plausible than the evident presented by Darwin prior to his theory. During the early fifth century, St. Augustine of Hippo an African bishop whose main role in the church dealt with confessions proposed a literal meaning of Genesis. He argued that Genesis 1-2 was written only in a which people during that time was able to understand. His belief was that the people needed to understand the creation story in a certain fashion where they need to be quite literal with the stories where the people would not lose faith. Darwin was not one of the first people to explore the possibility of science and religion coming to a crossroads. St. Thomas Aquinas was a thirteenth-century philosopher and theologian who was also influenced by Augustine. Aquinas explored the possibility that there could be contradictions between the creation account in Genesis, and from what scientific evidence tells us. Their findings have suggested that discoveries in modern science should not be the conclusion to the belief many people have in the scriptures of the Bible. One should not abandon the teachings of Bible but rather use the teaching of the Bible and modern science as a...

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