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Isn't it amazing how far we have gone with technology? Don't you think it would be cool typing memos to your friends instead of writing? I remember when I was just a little kid, I never had enough money to even get close to buying a fourth of the least expensive laptop. Laptops would make things much easier for us in school. An important reason for having laptops in school concerns their use as an aid in the prevention of arthritis, which can occur from clenching your fingers when you write. Writing for long periods can also cause finger cramping, bruising of your knuckles, and other physical discomfort. When you are typing, you can relax your fingers. A second reason for having laptops in school is that scribbled words created by sloppy handwriting appear more difficult to read than typed words. Using a laptop can also allow you to easily correct mistakes. Any teacher would love to read an exciting paper that you wrote if it was legible and didn't have errors. This could lead to better grades. Of course, convincing your parents to buy you a laptop presents another story. Your mom might say, "son, I don't like the idea of you or anybody else wasting their money on a laptop." She might not recognize the importance of owning a laptop, thinking that they cost too much. When you present your argument, your mom may hesitate and then say, " I don't know, ask your father!" When you speak to your dad about buying a laptop, he might say, "I'm not sure son! What if you break it or lose it? Plus, everyone in school might want your laptop." When you tell your dad that no one in school would steal your laptop, that everyone else would also have one, he might respond with, "everyone else? If everyone at school jumped off a bridge would you do that too?" Finally you might say, "I...

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