Live For Life Fighting for Poor Health

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LIVE FOR LIFE Poor health is a huge issue in society today. Many people simply do not take care of themselves, which is one cause of lack of good work performance, which causes companies to lose thousands of dollars every year. A new program is being created to help these kinds of people to get a jump-start to a healthy life. It is called the Live for Life program and was created by Johnson and Johnson. Health problems such as smoking, drinking, lack of exercise, stress, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, weight gain, and the neglection of seat belts all are among the population of workers across the US. In the past, companies have added gyms in their buildings of work, and made low cholesterol meals in the cafeteria, but the result of success is not high. This new program offers awards to the employees who demonstrate good health behavior. But, instead of rewarding results, the company will reward the process, which will encourage employees to bring on new habits that should keep them healthier, happier, and ready for a long life. There are several different awards that will be given depending upon which challenge the worker decides that he or she wants to take on. For example, an employee that works out a total of four hours a week for one month solid, he or she will receive thirty Live for Life dollars. These dollars are exchangeable for merchandise such as sweatshirts, sweat socks or a health club membership. Each time an employee gets his or her cholesterol checked, he or she would receive five Live for Life dollars. If an employee likes children and knows how to communicate well with them, he or she may want to talk to them about drug and alcohol abuse, which then enables them to receive ten Live for Life dollars. Seatbelts are a big issue, and many people choose not to wear them. Seatbelts save lives, and...

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