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Worrying over things that havent yet happened, worrying about the outcomes of certain situations, and worrying about how to live up to peoples expectations can cause unneeded and unwanted stress. In my life there are many uncertainties, but mostly it has to do with the type of person I am going to become and the type of career that I will have. The expectations laid on me by the members of the church, and even people that have no affiliation with the church whatsoever, all cause me stress, because they all point in one direction, following my fathers footsteps. It is even joked about that in my life I will have three careers, a pastor, a mechanic, and a truck driver. Just like my dad has done. How have I managed this stress? I have just shut them out, I have stopped wondering what I will become in life and I have stopped trying to model my choices and my decisions after my father. I have just stopped worrying about following my fathers footsteps and have started to focus more on building my own path in life. I have found ways to cope with stress and to in some situations eradicate it completely.The coping skill that I have found is more helpful in my situation is taking a break. There are many ways to use this skill, you could distract yourself with a hobby, take a quick walk, take a deep breath, rest or listen to music. In my situation it would be taking a break in a way that is more oriented to my mind, a mental break. In the midst of getting bombarded by people on who I should be, and what I should be, I just take a break. My mind wanders somewhere else. I go outside, get a breath of fresh air, and clear my head. After that I just keep thinking of something else. In other words, it doesnt...

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