Managing Stress in College

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OMG, I dont have time to do my homework. Now, lets face it College students are too busy and dont have time to do something else. The real problem, however, is the stress in college. The stress in college is that students have too much on their plates. Students need to face too many things in college so that 24 hours in each day are no longer enough for them. So, what should student do? In my opinion, college students can relieve their stress by managing time better, improving their motivational strategies, and slowing down their lives. Student can reduce their stress by making better time management. An effective time management acts as a help to the success of reducing stress. Many colleges advise students to learn effective time management because it helps students to keep balance between college and personal lives. As we know, attending college is not easy, especially when a student has a job. Students usually cannot keep the balance between work and study because they dont have enough time to focus on both. Due to that reason, students who involve the trouble between work and college study are difficult to get the success in college. To make a better time management so that student can effectively succeed by using the logical time. Also, to improve motivational strategies is another way to help students to relieve stress. One of the most common problems in college is that students dont have good motivational strategies for both their lives and their studies. They may not really think what college is? They may never set a goal for their future. Those actions will later produce huge stress when students find they need a college degree or the college skills to move on the future. A student attends college but never think what he should to do in his future. Then he chooses the major just depend on his interesting. He will face huge stress...

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