My Definition of Strength

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Strength is such a difficult thing. Its an essential thing that we need to survive in this world. Its the thing that gets us through adversity, hardships, and tests of endurance. Strength is used in a wide variety of ways through in a wide range of emotions. Everyone is strong its just how they choose to channel their strengths that make them unique. Strength is, as defined by me, your mechanism for coping with living and how you choose to handle day to day life.A common misconception among the general populace is that people arent strong and by people we speak in the terms of themselves specifically. People are always saying to themselves and others Me? I couldnt do that. Im nowhere near as strong as you or I couldnt handle that kind of situation. Im just not strong enough. When in reality you dont get to choose whether you are strong or not, youre born that way, its just up to you to decide to what degree your strength will be displayed and in what areas. Its never really a question of am I strong, but how can I handle this thing that is happening to me. I believe bad things and things we dont want happen every day and everyone has a different way of handling it. Those things are peoples strengths. I have severe depression, on a regular basis I truly feel as if I want to stop living. I also dont have enough money for therapy, my insurance wont cover me, and I dont have any money for the new chemical balancing medicines on the market. My strength is an emotional one, I suffer through it, in the end I know that there are people on this earth that love me and care about me. If I were to just end my life then Id be responsible for the never ending suffering of my family, my friends, and even some of...

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