My Report on an Article by the New York times

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Category: Government and Political Science Essay
Subcategory: American Government and Politics
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Category: Government and Political Science Essay
Subcategory: American Government and Politics
Words: 2349
Pages: 7

New York Times, on Sunday, November 8, had an article on sentences addressed by a Federal judge to three members of the antigovernment Montana Freemen for conspiracy and fraud the article stirred my memory and concern about this paper, as well as brought into play many of the dilemmas discussed in the Nature of Politics class. However, I do not wish to analyze this particular article or cult, but the emergence of anarchy. There have been theories and diagnosis of human nature the Aristotelian, teleo- logical view of the political animal, the Platonic, metaphorical view of the chained caveman, the Hobbian, phobic view of savage life as inevitably short, and many notable others. Regardless of the differences found in these, there is a common denominator found in all. That is, human beings move from the animalistic, passive stage to the civilized stage in order to materialize their potential in full. In this domain, governments serve as expedients or facilitators of an anthropological movement. The mechanism may differ from one type of government to another, but its principal, common function is to lay and protect the foundations for a prosperous humanity. In aiming this, a totalitarian regime, an oligarchy, or even a democracy, resorts to some pattern of hierarchy. It is worth noticing, that no matter what degree of legitimacy one government enjoys, or another lacks, they both eventually assume an hierarchical order which in turn inevitably assures a pragmatic i n e q u a l i t y. History repeatedly proves that beyond theory. Even in Communist Soviet Union where all classes were abolished, as they were accused of being the source of all social misery, ...

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