My Volleyball Experiences

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Category: Sports and Recreation Essay
Subcategory: Professional Sports
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Category: Sports and Recreation Essay
Subcategory: Professional Sports
Words: 495
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My whole life people have told me that I am a natural athlete and I had always believed them until the fall of 2010, when I tried out for the U-Turn 17's National Volleyball Team. I learned a lot about myself, my game, and that there is more to volleyball than just being in shape. I attended camps and worked hard all summer to do everything I could to get better physically prepared for tryouts. Little did I know that it was not going to be the physical part I was going to have a hard time with. During my eight-month season on this team , I had practice and workouts 5 out of 7 days of the week, I attended tournaments on the weekends from locations such as Las Vegas, Nevada to Orlando, Florida. I never missed a practice, workout, or tournament. No matter how hard I worked, I still sat on the bench. I would keep a smile in front of my coach, teammates, and family members, but when I got home, I cried my eyes out. I always felt like I was not worthy, and I did not belong on the team. I became so highly frustrated that I wanted to never play volleyball again. As I was nearing the end of my National season I came to realize that the frustration that I was felling was controlling my life on and off the volleyball court. I matured during the eight-month period I was a member of the team because I came to understand that keeping a positive mindset is the key to success in not just volleyball, but in life as well. I have learned to always be positive and make the best of every situation. Having a negative attitude towards anything never leads you in the right direction. Looking back on it I don't regret playing on the team because I learned a lot about myself as...

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