Reasons Why Australia Joins the European War

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Although the First World War was seen as a European War, Australia became involved due to 3 main reasons. There were many minor reasons such as mateship and poverty, however it was these three reasons the loyalty towards Britain, the improvement of Australias international reputation and the need for strategic purposes that caused Australia to join such a devastating war. Firstly, the loyalty to the mother country was one of the main reasons why Australians were so eager to enlist. Australia at that time felt a sentiment attachment to Britain, and the use of terms such as Mother England or the Greatest Empire in the World was a sure indication of the feelings towards the Mother Country. Private A.J. McSparrow is one of the many examples that enlisted because he felt that it was his duty to support the mother country and quotes, I have (enlisted) and I dont regret it in the very least. I believe that it is every young fellows duty. Additionally, the Australian census of 1911 revealed that ninety-six percent of the population was British born, hence it was little wonder then that Australia was so eager to support Britain when World War 1 broke out. Another principle basis with regards to why Australia was involved with the Great War was that it could improve the nations international reputation. The federation of Australia in 1901 was not long before the First World War and the Australians at that time had still felt a strong feeling of pride at being part of a free and independent new country. However, this was not enough for the nation, as they wanted to prove that the country was not just a dumpsite of convicts sent by Britain. Consequently, the Australians believed the war as the homelands first chance to show the rest of the world, what Australians were really made of, how they had developed as a nation and prove their braveness on...

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