Semanticity in Language

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Language characterizes an elaboration for signals and meanings for understanding and be understood. In humans and animals, communication and language are used by body language, facial expressions, and gestures. Each of these features indicates a meaningful understanding for the sender and the receiver. Charles F. Hockett, a designer feature for language, suggested valuable properties of communication to share meanings and expressions in animals and humans. In one of Hocketts design feature of language known as semanticity, emphasized whether simple or complex phrases transmits meaning. Also, non-speech sounds known as paralinguistic are capable to transmit meaning. Semanticity provides a better outcome for relationships between humans and animals. Semanticity refers to a property of language that permits it to present actions, ideas, and events to provide meanings for communication. Also, it specifies the use of arbitrary or non arbitrary indicators to transfer meaningful animal communications. One of semanticitys uniqueness to language promotes learning patterns and concepts. For example, a child obtains semantic aspects for relationships of concepts which overlay and arrange more complicated meanings. The child represents their own unique meaning that concludes from their unique experiences of the concepts and learning arrangements. Unique factors to languages specify the concept to understand the communication such as alert, safety, and protection. Language has unique human actions and that animal communication falls temporarily of human language in different ways. Historically, communication has been characterized as the transformation from the communicator to the receiver. Semantic has two types of information behavioral and non behavioral. Behavioral includes what and how kinds of messages animals acquire, whereas non behavioral includes who and where messages. For example, Vervet monkeys provide different types of alarm calls when they see predators. When the monkeys become alert of a snake approaching their tribe, they alert each other and stand on their back legs and investigate the ground floor. Another type of alarm call when they see a leopard, they immediately climb up the nearby...

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