The Achievements of Germans before the Nazi Rule

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The German foreign minister, Gustav Stresmann, led Germany into a state of calm during his era. He succeeded in reducing reparations, resolved the case of hyper inflation by creating the Reich Mark, unemployment was quite taken care of and Germany had more time to face the cultural and entertainment areas of their lives. Though the economy was still a little weak, Germany was very much the father of entertainment. They had various artists who had a specific topic for their work, mostly war and sorrow, while others were just confusing and couldn't be understood without thorough viewing. An example of such an artist would Paul Klee, Swiss Painter, who focused more on expressionism, a form of abstract painting that expresses the innermost thoughts of an artist. One artist who really thought of war while painting was Otto Dix. If one examined his paintings, they would notice the bloodshed he portrays in them, for example, his painting "Trench warfare" shows death, and a destroyed land and obviously signifies the bitterness of the war. Other paintings were just confusing, there would be some of a city that was abstract and disorganized which probably signified the state of Germany after the war. Otto Dix Paul Klee Music too was developing. Marlene Dietrich was becoming famous, she was an actress and musician as well and her movies were quite popular. But no other industry increased more rapidly than the film making industry. Fritz Lang, an Austrian director was noted to be the greatest in German movie making. His movies also had a dark side, much like Otto's drawings, while others were his imaginations for a better future for the German people. Such movies are Metropolis, Spies, the last will of Dr. Mabuse etc. Fritz Lang Marlene Dietrich In conclusion, everything Germany had achieved with their art, literature etc, reflected to their troubles and also influenced the cry of a great man. These achievements were soon put to a halt...

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