The Arrests and Career of Randy Moss

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MOSS IS BOSS Randy Moss recently walked out of jail after being charged with two misdemeanors for pushing a traffic officer a half-block with his car. The Minnesota Vikings announced their star would still start Sunday against Seattle, even after former problems in the past years. Moss walked out whistling after being released Wednesday from the Hennepin County jail after spending the night. He was charged with careless driving and failure to obey a traffic officer. Police said they found a small amount of marijuana in Moss' car, a small amount but enough to qualify as a petty misdemeanor, but no charge has been filed yet. This isn't the first time 25-year old Moss has been in trouble on and off the field, he had been arrested on suspicion of assault with a dangerous weapon. He squirted a referee with a water bottle in 1999 (which resulted in a 25,000 fine from the NFL), and verbally abused corporate sponsors on the team bus in 2001. The second time resulted in the team fining him 15,000 and forcing him to attend anger management classes which he ended up dropping. He had a scholarship to Notre Dame in 1995 but it was canceled after he was charged with beating up a high school classmate in High School. Moss pleaded guilty to battery and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. He went to Florida State but was kicked off the team for violating probation by smoking marijuana which got him one month of time served. Later Moss walked through reporters whistling, he said "You'll hear my side later, I was treated bad.'' Moss wasn't available to media at the team's practice facility. His Coach said Moss apologized to his team after practice, and would make a statement on Thursday. A traffic agent stepped in front of Moss' car to stop him from making an illegal turn. 27-year-old Amy Zaccardi was the city employee, not even a police...

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