The Cultivation of My Virtues in Life

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VirtuesVirtues are character traits that show high moral standards. For each of us, there is a core set of virtues or principles that serves our life mission. When we violate these, we violate ourselves(Virtue). Learning how to prevent these violations took time and practice and helped me mature more. Throughout my life, I learned how to actively cultivate my virtues with experience. Every skill I learned from cultivating a virtue has applied to my life significantly. The most important virtues in my opinion are awareness, courage, determination, honesty, patience, responsibility, silence, strength, wisdom, and kindness. I try to actively cultivate this on a day to day basis to become more confident in my abilities.I believe awareness is an important virtue because it is the state or ability to perceive an event or situation. When I was younger, I was a lifeguard at a local pool and it was basically a requirement to be aware of your surroundings at all times. They trained us to be constantly watching for any warning signs that people show when they are in danger. According to Jayaram V, the cultivation of awareness helps you make sense of your perceptions and learn from your experiences, whereby you vastly improve your chances of survival and success in world of conflicting interests and innumerable distractions(How to Cultivate Mind Awareness). Cultivating awareness is a lifelong practice and to actively cultivate awareness, a person may try methods like meditation and paying attention to their surroundings to try to make sense of it. Awareness is important because it leads to us understanding ourselves better, which in turn helps us make changes for the better. Cultivating awareness makes us aware of our community and the people in it. Another virtue I believe that is necessary to cultivate is courage. Courage is an important virtue in that it fuels us to take risks and to engage in different tasks that we sometimes are afraid of attempting. According to...

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