The Ethics of Same Sex Marriage

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Ethics is known to be a case of right or wrong. When thinking ethically we choose what is right and what is wrong based on our lifestyle although our decisions may not be legally correct. A lifestyle is a way of life that individuals choose for themselves. Meanwhile, is same sex marriage a lifestyle that I would choose for myself? Or is Same-Sex marriage just a feminist issue or even a fad? Same-sex marriage has been one of the most talked about issues in the media today. We all think that we have the right answers when we say that the issue is right or wrong, but who are we to judge. I may not like the idea, but someone else may love the idea. But should I hate them for it? Should I exclude them from my world? No, only God can judge a man or a woman. Furthermore, I will discuss the ideals, obligations, and consequences that I found in my article based on same-sex marriages. This articles basically starts out by speaking out how this is a crucial election year and with all the issues already on the table affecting women, why are feminists advocating same-sex marriages. It also goes on to say that NOW, which is an organization that promotes equality to women, has been in a struggle for lesbian women for over 30 years. In 1971, NOW issued their first policy statement recognizing lesbian rights as a feminist issue. The statement acknowledged that a woman's right to independence and self-determination includes the right to define and express her own sexuality and to choose her own lifestyle. When dealing with the same-sex marriage there are still rules that must be followed. Based on my reading the ideals, obligations, and consequences are pretty much the same as they are if the couples were of the opposite sex. The idea of a family in which the man acts as the breadwinner rarely exists...

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