The History of Hampton Court Palace

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Hampton Court Palace has provided many kings and their families with a wonderful home for over five hundred years. (About Britain) The palace is originally two palaces in one. Each half is represented by an important period in English architecture. The first half is late mid-evil perpendicular style, and the second half is English Baroque affected by French and Italian influence. (Dynes) In addition, to these architecture styles, King Henry VIII later added Tudor wings, the dramatic difference in brick is extremely visible to the human eye. (Tudor history) Hampton Court had originally belonged to the Order of St. John of Jerusalem until it was acquired in 1514, by Thomas Wolsey, Archbishop of York. (Dynes) Wolsey, a successful diplomat of Henrys services, cherished the hope of becoming a pope. Thus perhaps the political arbiter of Europe, which was beginning to quake in the storms brought by the Reformation. But Wolseys continental schemes were destined to be defeated.(Dynes) Meanwhile Wolseys wealth had brought temptation to the king. He gave Hampton Court to King Henry VIII as a gift in a desperate gesture to remain in his good graces. However, it was too late. In 1529, that same year, he was charged with high treason and died while being brought to London for trial. (Dynes) Henry VIII and his new wife, Anne Boleyn, quickly went about enlarging the house. (Dynes) They rebuilt the kitchens and many apartments, added tennis courts and enlarged the Chapel Royal. Unfortunately, his wife was beheaded three years later when she was found guilty of committing adultery. (What to See) Henrys additions were later demolished with only part of the Chapel Royal and Great Hall remaining. Another great phase of Hampton Court Palaces history involves William III. The dampness of the Whitehall in London aggravated Williams asthma, so he and Mary decided to ask their Surveyor General, Christopher Wren, to plan a rival to Versailles at Hampton Court.(Dynes) His plan...

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