The Indian Education: Developing Great Minds

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India is a country that is accredited for being amongst the leading flag bearers to enlighten the primitive world dominated by ignorant people. It was India that realized the importance of aspects of life other than filling the stomach and covering the bodies, man is a special animal, special because of the grey matter God provided and it was India that by promoted free and radical thinking helped in quenching the thirsty brains. But on comparing the past with the present we find a sharp contrast in terms of the quality of intellectuals produced by the country, in the mad race for materialism it seems that the basic fundamentals that made us a great country are being trampled underfoot.Intellects are people who see the world from a different perspective and on the larger canvas. It is such people who contribute to the world hence moving it in a progressive direction as is a saying Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people. The intellectual growth of a person begins right from childhood when he starts to develop a thinking brain, when he questions the different aspects of life and the process continues till the individual survives so the primary reason for the stark decline in the level of intellect has to be improper foundation and upbringing in terms of the type and style of education bestowed upon them.Nowadays, due to the education curriculum in practice, a lot of emphasis is given on the bookish knowledge, be it the class works or the strenuous homework, a student is confined to the boundaries of books and is restricted by the deadlines of assignments. The world is too diverse to be reduced to dull uniformities of rules. Education practice such as this pushes the student in a niche thereby closing his mind to the joys and beauty of life.As a general practice a student is always asked to replicate the notes provided by the...

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