The Life of a Soccer Ball

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There are lot of things I cannot do, I depend on those who want to take me out, or just play with me inside this room. The way of my life is marked by the boy who bought me and took me out from the big basket where I were with others of my same specie. Maybe you didnt notice yet, but I am a ball. Being more accurate, I'm a soccer ball. I live in a room inside an apartment I don't know where, and I've been made for satisfy the necessity of joy in people. I don't know how much I'm going to live, it depends on how much my owner takes care of me. If I know something is about grass, I could roll myself on many kind of grass, people use to play with me for hours in fields or turfs made by grass, artificial or natural, so I know a lot about that. I've always been taken to this type of places, and sometimes I've also been taken to the beach. That's all, I don't have much experiences because my purpose is make the moment better for the others. I live for the others, basically.I spent and I spend most of my time waiting for the moment somebody wants to take me out. While then, I am under a desk all day and all night. From here I can't see to many things just a bed dirty clothes laying on the floor and some posters of soccer players sticked on the wall. On the posters I can see that every player has a ball in his feet, and I always think that would be great to be famous like them. I would like to have more than this. It would be awesome be able to do things by myself or be able to take my own decisions, but that's what I am, and I...

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