The Revival of Geopolitics in the Netherlands

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The Revival of Geopolitics in the Netherlands The collapse of the Soviet Union and subsequently the end of the Cold War era caused significant changes in nearly every society not only in Europe but in the world generally. In many cases it led to the geopolitical revival after 1989 because those societies concerned were to change their self-understanding of what they were and would then be and countries faced new apossurvivalapos conditions they had to adapt in order to define new goals and thereby secure their future on the worldaposs arena. It is believed by some scholars that the geopolitical revival is one of the ultimate products of an identity crisis. Although the two processes (i.e., the revival of geopolitics and an identity crisis) are undoubtedly inter-connected, the hypothesis presented above is not always the case. Some countries experienced no substantial geopolitical revival. And one of those countries is the Netherlands. The country has not seen the revival of its geopolitics since 1989. The countryaposs general foreign-policy orientation has been formed under the impact of the long-standing maritime tradition. That is why, the Netherlands has always been engaged in the process of globalisation and expansion, although this is a modern term. It started with the East Indian and West Indian Trading Companies which were the first publicly held companies of this kind in the world. Thus, the countryaposs successful strategy of geopolitics has been determined by a favourable geographical position as a maritime country. In order to understand the essence of the geopolitics of the Netherlands, one must first give insight into the foreign policy of the country. Talking of the ways the Dutch conduct their foreign policy, it is important to mention that the Dutch have been using the politics of neutrality in many aspects. To guard their neutrality, the...

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