The Strength of Fashion

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I believe in fashion. Fashion is about utilization, comfort andidentity. I wear clothes to stay temperate, relaxed and stay in stylejust like every other adolescent person my age. Fashion corresponds withwanting to belong in the world and fitting in.The right outfit can give you the confidence to start your day or trysomething new. If I feel content in my clothing, I will feel better, andmost likely do better. An outfit can make change a person's day becauseit can alter their feelings and perceptions about themselves or thepeople around them. Our uniform is a perfect example of how an outfit can make feel andperform during the day. When I wear the uniform I don't really feelspecial. Everyone is wearing the exact same thing. Of course there issome variety as to if you choose to wear gray or navy blue, a skirt orsome pants, a tie or no tie. On the other hand, wearing the same outfitas everyone else makes me feel secure because I don't have to worryabout being different. In my opinion, our uniform is very bland andboring.When I get home I am relieved to take off my uniform. I usually just puton something very comfortable to do my homework. I usually put on somesoft cotton sweats. After school my style is very lazy and comfy. Iusually am wearing a loose thin cotton tee shirt and sweats. I also lovewarm fuzzy hot pink socks.Outside of school I dress very casually on the weekends. I dress likeany other normal teenager. I mostly wear jeans, skinny jeans. I alsowear very dainty tops with lace or ruffles. I don't dress very girly''because I don't wear dresses or skirts. My style is very garish. I lovethe color neon pink and standing out when it comes to fashion. When I wear clothing outside of uniform I definitely feel moreconfident. When I am wearing an outfit that I feel confident I am moreoutspoken and more of a risk taker. My...

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