The Ten Commandments

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The Ten Commandments found in the book of Exodus in the Bible has always fascinated critical thinkers and creative artists alike. In this paper I am going to evaluate the first two commandments as explained by William Barclay in his handouts and then show how the Polish filmmaker Krystof Kieslowski examined them in his film, Dekalouge 1. I shall begin by drawing parallels between the Moses story and Kieslowskis in order to point out the motivations that are found necessary in both instances for the giving of the commandments to mankind. In addition, I will speculate on how the commandments exemplify mankinds self-limitation and self-discipline and establish a foundation for a new beginning. Next, I shall focus on Gods definition and mans connection to God. Here I will examine the former from Ten Theories of Human Nature by David Haberman and Barclays handouts. From the film I will define the character of the man in the sheepskin coat in his efforts to define God to the little boy, Pavel. The fathers relationship with his son will be discussed via the ideas of death and mourning he tries to explain to Pavel and how the death of his own son makes him change these ideas and arrive at certain painful truths associated with death and mourning. In the second part of my paper, I shall concentrate on the second commandment and examine Barclays analysis of all the traps associated with idolatry and idols. I will then proceed to examine these traps and how they are depicted in the film by focusing on the fathers measurement theory, how the computer is treated as an idol and the tragedy it brings about, and how nature proves the computer wrong. I will finally conclude by speculating on what lessons the father learns after breaking this second commandment. In the story of Moses and the Ten Commandments found in the book of Exodus from the Bible, the Jewish people who...

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