The True Value of College Education

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The Value of College EducationMy mother always told me that its more to life than just a high school diploma. More jobs come from out a college degree you get more experience while youre in college as well. They give you internships to go to your junior and senior year of college so you can get an idea of what your career is going to be like. A lot of people think that college is a waste of time and not important so they finish off with high school and think that they will get a good job but not every job requires you to just get a high school diploma. The college education you get will help you out in the long run. College education is a big deal to students when it comes to getting a career in your future. It gives you many opportunities to jobs after college and sometimes you get first choice depending on the degree and the job. College might be financially expensive wherever you go but it is more valuable than that. College education is the ability to have a better quality of life for the family you are going to raise and for yourself. Usually a college graduate will get a job working hours and weekends off. Meaning a life with to yourself without thinking about work all the time. According to the Census bureau someone with an associate degree will earn more than a high school diploma but not as much as bachelors degree. More likely that the employer will look at someone with higher education as a knowledgeable and will be eligible for a job advancement quicker. Some people go just to get the experience of the college lifestyle. Everyone has their own reasons for going to college and their value of college. My value of college is to get the experience and to finish off getting a good career when I get out in...

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