Transitions and Family Stress

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Our family structure at home was egalitarian. My mom is a registered nurse and works third shift at Carolinas Medical Center-Pineville and my dad owns his own flooring business. This constrained my behavior because there was always someone at home to be there with me and my sister, so we couldnt just come and go as we pleased. Another big reason we were so constrained is because my uncle is a police officer, so we couldnt get away with anything without him and my dad finding out about it. I am used to doing my own laundry and packing my own lunch because my mom was never there to do it since she worked third shift, so in that aspect I am very independent. I hardly ever did anything to get in trouble because I was very dependent on my car and didnt want to do anything to get it taken away, since I had to drive to school and softball practice every day, and that didnt include anywhere else I wanted to go. I had a curfew until my senior year, which was about 1030, and senior year my parents really didnt care anymore. Also my mom expected us to keep the house clean, so here I dont have to deal with her yelling about my room anymore, which is nice. It is very funny though, because at home I never kept my room clean, and now that she isnt here to tell me to do it, I always keep it clean. One big responsibility I had was my puppy, Cooper. He was just like a kid, and I was expected to get up in the middle of the night to take him out and to feed him and bathe him and take him to the vet and buy him food, so that was very time consuming. I always made sure I took good care of him though, because I didnt want my...

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