Why Pit Bulls Aren’t Dangerous

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People think when I tell them I have a pit-bull, that they are a dangerous breed that basically is a killer dog and thats not true at all. I own a pit bull and that little girl who is my protector is also like my child. People see pit bulls as killing machines, but in fact that is not the case at all that is very wrong. Pit bulls are classified as dangerous and aim going to tell you why they are the complete opposite.Pit bulls are the type of dog that people hear their name, and the first thing they think of is a killer breed. Thats not the case, pit bulls are only dangerous by the way the owner raises the dog. People are so scared of pit bulls because you dont hear good things they do in the news. All you hear about is them attacking children to death or biting someone if they come to close. When pit bulls feel threated there going to attack, just like a human would if they feel threatened. People see the evil in a pit bull when they hear when they hear the bad in them not the good.Pit bulls and kids what can I say on that, People say they dont trust the breed around kids because they are attackers, to me that can be any kind of breed of dog not just pitbulls themselves. Did you know a pitbull will protect your children better than a nanny would, especially if they were raised with the child from being a puppy? Im sorry but I would trust a pitbull around my child before I trusted a nanny. Nannys now a days dont have a good reputation with taking care of children. Pitbulls are protectors of not only children but people who live in your house also.People look at pitbulls as a not so good breed of dog and that there made for fighting, in...

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