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Published: Thursday 4th of January 2018; Words Count: 1150

Guest Service Associate Advice

As a guest service associate in a spa, massage clinic or fitness center, you’ll work directly with the public to help meet their needs. And you’ll need a great resume to get hired. That’s why we’ve created these guest service associate resume examples. Use our resume examples as a starting point in building your own resume, and you’ll have a resume that you can send out with confidence. Click on any of the templates shown here to get started.


Resume Tips for Guest Service Associate

When searching for jobs as a Guest Service Associate, having the right mindset and taking positive action will make things easier. The following tips will help you set up a strategy to help make your search a success.

1. Narrow in on your ideal job. Take the time to think and dream about the job you would really like, focusing on the setting, type of people you work with/for, and the exact tasks you would enjoy doing. This will help narrow down your job search so that you are not applying for every single job that is available.

2. Network and reach out. You will have a better chance of finding a job if you get out and meet people. Join networking groups, go to job fairs, and contact past colleagues or contacts in the industry you are interested in.

3. Take advantages of resources. There are many career resources that you can tap into when looking for a new job. Whether you need help preparing your resume, additional training, interview tips, or job search tips, there is a resource to assist you.

4. Be persistent and follow up. These days, just turning in a resume is not sufficient. Reaching out to the hiring manager via email or LinkedIn, and calling to find out about the status of your application will help keep you in front of a potential employee.

5. Consider contract work. While a permanent position is the ultimate goal, some positions may be short-term. These help you get a foot in the door and give you the opportunity to show what type of employee you are and may lead to a different job.

Guest Service Associate Job Seeking Tips

Producing a strong resume is one of the first steps in a successful job search. No matter what your experience is, there are right and wrong ways to write a resume and these tips will assist you in finding a job as a Guest Service Associate.

1. Make sure the resume is reader friendly by using bullet points and short paragraphs.

2. Make sure that you sharpen the focus by adding a profile or summary of qualifications. Hiring managers usually scan resumes in just a few seconds, and you want your information to stand out.

3. Instead of giving job descriptions for past positions, use action words to explain specific accomplishments and the skills that you used.

4. If you recently graduated and are looking for your first career job, it is usually better to list the education section before experience; otherwise, list experience first.

5. Include contact information including phone number, email, and website address if you have one.

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