Best Part Time Sales Associates Resume Example

Published: Saturday 26th of August 2017; Words Count: 1750

Looking for a part-time sales associates position? You’ll need a stellar sales record, a flexible schedule, and a killer resume. Make your resume rise to the top by listing all of your past sales experience and your sales record, if applicable. Under the highlights section, describe the qualities that make you a terrific sales person, including attention to detail, being service-minded and a strong communicator. While there are no formal education requirements for part-time sales associates, list any special skills and training, such as loss prevention training or experience with point-of-sale systems. Use our part-time sales associate resume example for more ideas.

Part Time Sales Associates Advice

Looking for a part time sales associates position? You’ll need a strong sales background, a flexible schedule, and the right resume. We’ve created these resume examples specifically for part time sales associates to help you in creating your own job-winning resume. Just click on one of the resume examples below, and adjust as necessary to customize and personalize your resume to meet your needs.


Resume Tips for Part Time Sales Associates

If you’re looking for jobs as a part time sales associates, you’ve got be proactive and know where to look. Here are some guidelines.

1. Have a plan. Whether you’re looking to climb the ladder or make a lateral move, have a specific role in mind. Look at companies in the area and try to decide where your skills would most easily transfer.

2. Network face to face. You need to get your face out there, especially in a smaller market. Ask your friends, family members and neighbors for connections in your field, and make time to attend career fairs. Finally, be sure to have an updated online profile.

3. Make a copy of each job description. If a company takes an opening off its site and then calls you for an interview, you don’t want to have to ask to see the description of the job you just applied to.

4. Practice interviewing. Job-hunting is a lengthy process, so use the extra time to brush up on your interviewing skills. It helps to verbally answer potential questions and to do so in front of family or friends. This helps to ease your nerves and get you thinking on your feet.

5. Visit the location. This is a little more feasible in smaller markets with smaller companies, particularly those in retail and food service. Accepting an invitation to apply in person shows gumption and motivation.

Part Time Sales Associates Job Seeking Tips

A professional resume is crucial, especially in an affluent market. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you send in your resume for jobs as a part time sales associates.

1. Don’t make employers guess. List all dates, including the months. Employers use this information to determine how much experience you have. Likewise, include all your education, even if you didn’t finish a degree.

2. Use accomplished-focused language. Leave out “I,” “my,” “work responsibilities” and “duties included. ” This is generic language that carries little weight. Use action words that convey your achievements rather than just list your job duties.

3. Templates help. There’s no one set way to write a resume, but you can skip a lot of the legwork by looking at examples online.

4. List in reverse chronological order. Employers are more interested in what you did over the last year than what you did 10 years ago. On that same note, list your education below your work history unless you’re a recent graduate.

5. Use selective bolding. Don’t format your resume for style. A good resume is just easy to read. Use clean type, and apply italics and bold only to things you need to highlight, such as job titles.

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