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Published: Friday 13th of January 2017; Words Count: 1250

For those who work in personal care, trust is crucial. If you fail to convey the image of a trustworthy and dedicated professional, your resume might not hold up well against the competition. Make your credentials clear by mentioning your certifications and licenses in your summary statement. In your work history section, emphasize your deductive and inductive reasoning capabilities and mention your soft skills, such as stellar communication and a friendly personality. Share success stories from each role to paint a picture of your professional accomplishments. For more direction, read the personal care resume example.

Personal Care Advice

Looking for a rewarding career in the field of personal care? The resume examples below are ideal for personal care professionals searching for a new position. Featuring relevant sample text you can update to fit your needs, these resume examples are an ideal starting point in crafting a resume that will help get you hired sooner. Click on any of the templates below to get started on the next stage in your career!


Resume Tips for Personal Care

Finding jobs as a personal care takes a mixture of using job-seeking tips and having a positive attitude. The following advice can help you score your next position in the current job market.

1. Networking is the most important thing you can do. Many find their next positions by word of mouth and references. Contact your connections, including your friends, family, neighbors, and former colleagues and university classmates. Use social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to let your social networks know that you are searching for a job.

2. Search for jobs through all available resources, both digital and traditional, including job search websites, print newspaper ads and in-person job fairs.

3. Take assessment tests if you are unsure of your next career steps. These will help you identify your skills, values and interests. Attend job search training sessions held by support groups, job clubs, or libraries to get further advice and assistance from experienced employment experts.

4. Reach out to hiring managers directly if your contacts cannot find you a reference. Persistence is a strong quality to have throughout your job search, and being proactive in this will show potential employers initiative.

5. Take care of yourself by exercising, eating well, and getting proper sleep. Keep in contact often with trusted people to discuss your feelings and concerns and get emotional support. Reduce stress by participating in your favorite activities.

Personal Care Job Seeking Tips

When it comes to tracking jobs as a personal care, your resume is your personal brand. Use the following advice to make it attention-grabbing.

1. Avoid using common resume templates when creating your own resume. Templates tend to be inflexible and difficult to work with. Also, by creating your own unique and attractive resume format, you will stand out from the rest of the field.

2. Adding a branding statement helps identify the position or job that you are seeking to potential employers. Let your audience know how you are different and distinctive and how your accomplishments helped in your work experience.

3. Use keywords to help employers find your resume in their databases. Terms that describe your job titles, skills, responsibilities, job-specific terms, company names and school names make excellent keyword choices.

4. Do not forget to include relevant contact information at the top of your resume. At minimum, you should show your city, state, email address, and phone number. It is acceptable to omit your street address due to privacy concerns and possible identity theft issues.

5. Do not use more than two pages in your resume. Ideally, your resume should lean towards being shorter than longer. However, if you have a lot of work experiences, two pages is preferred to showcase your skills and accomplishments.

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